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Are you ready to...

  • Double, Triple or Even Quadruple Your Income Doing What You Love?
  • Unlock Secrets of the Divine Feminine So You Confidently Command Influence & Higher Fees?
  • Have Fun Helping More People While Living Your Ideal Lifestyle?

Dear Soul-Centered Woman Entrepreneur,

Let's cut to the chase.

You are a bold visionary.

You are ready to play a much bigger game.

I'm a coaches coach. A healer's healer.

In just a few short years, I've risen from the despair of scraping by and feeling like the "best kept secret" to a multiple 6-figure leader in the industry.

Women come to me for guidance on how to create the REAL DEAL.... A business that truly supports their authentic expression, helps them stand out as influencers and accelerates their income.

Some Of The Stellar Women I've Helped Uplevel
Through Private VIP Days...

Missy Singer


Paula Houlihan


Robyn McKay

Belize & Sedona

Hanna Goss


Therese Skelly


Karyn Amore


Tracy Kay


Stacy Nelson


Wendy Collier

San Diego

Vanessa Piche


Pirie Grossman

Sun Valley
Sun Valley Wellness Institute

Cynthia McGrath


Laurie Goodie


Megan Walrod


Willo O'brien


Karen Gersch

La Jolla

Jean Price

Diva Coach

Sharon Desjarlais & Michele McGrew


Danielle Rama Hoffman

Bainbridge Island

Christina McDowell


Jaymee Miller


Pepper Wolfe


Linda Rasch


Tamera Hanna


Lisa Bendt


Madeline Eyer


Macy Matarazzo


Rachel Alcyone

Bainbridge Island

Isn't it time YOU join the circle of movers & shakers changing the world while making more money?

Here's the deal...

I travel all over the world.
(Here I am snorkeling with a client in Belize!)

And my coaching schedule is booked.


I have a limited amount of time.

Not only that, I am selective about who I play with.

Fill out the application below and we'll set up a time to chat.


"Exponential Growth....From High 5 Figures to A Multiple 6 Figure Business"

"Kendra is a leader for these times."

"She’s refreshingly authentic, soulful and masterful. I’ve attended many events and workshops in my career and have been exposed to the best in the industry. Kendra’s skill as a coach and facilitator struck me, and the power of her work is impactful and creates true and lasting transformation in people’s lives.”

Cynthia Kersey
Best-Selling Author & Philanthropist

"Few people in our lives have inspired us to go BIG quite the way Kendra has."

“This woman refuses to tolerate old stories or limitations. So if you’re ready to kick your own sweet behind and break into a new level of business, financial and spiritual success, you’ll want to work with her.

Having mentored with some of the top coaches in the industry, we can say that she’s one of the best.

When we started coaching with Kendra, we were successful in our business in many ways. We were already well past 6-figures, worked with ideal clients and were sought-after leaders. Then we wanted to take it to the next level and we could see Kendra had attained a rare freedom.

WOW. We ended up doing a deep dive. Honestly, we did some dismantling that we had not anticipated. She helped us with the healing and liberation we needed to build the kind of business and lives our souls longed for.

Now we’re happier than ever, pursuing our passions with even greater boldness, offering services that are more aligned with our true purpose, and experiencing more freedom in our business.

We’ve also had great successes to celebrate as a result of our intensive VIP days and private coaching. Including a 6-figure event ($100K + in one weekend!) where we got to feel the bliss of doing what we love coaching healers.

Thank you, Kendra. We love you!”

Sharon Desjarlais and Michele McGrew
Co-Creators of the Client-Rich System for Women in the Healing Arts

You ready to play?


Bainbridge Island, WA ~ April


Enjoy A Beautiful Ferry Ride To The Island

A Lovely Northwest Getaway

Sunvalley, ID ~ May/June


Beautiful Destination For Nature Lovers

Sedona, AZ ~ August/September


World Class Resort Nestled In Boyton Canyon

Increase Wealth Consciousness Pool Side
In The Desert Sun

A Client Taking In The Splendor During Visioning Hike

Joshua Tree, CA ~ September


Beautiful, Sacred Land

Striking Views To Inspire & Amplify Your Visions

Sunvalley, ID ~ October


Beautiful Destination For Nature Lovers

Seattle, WA ~ November


Enjoy This Popular Pacific Northwest Coastal City

Be Inspired by the Waterfront Hotel Location with Striking Views of the Mountains

Bainbridge Island, WA ~ November


Enjoy A Beautiful Ferry Ride To The Island

A Lovely Northwest Getaway

"I can't even begin to tell you the experience I've had. It's been extraordinary!"

In order to accelerate your income and take quantum leaps in your business, you must get out of your comfort zone.

There is nothing like traveling to an inspiring, beautiful location to expand your vision, clear the limiting beliefs and align with the mindset necessary to live into your true wealth and freedom.

(Here are some pictures from my journey the last 4 + years! Maui, Tulum, Machu Picchu & Kauai.)

"$6,000 in sales within 4 weeks of our VIP day!"

"My VIP Day with Kendra went way beyond creating a business plan for the year.

She is a very powerful woman. Just being in her presence shifted something deep within me that has never been the same. I felt myself being up-leveled into an entirely new space in my life. I broke through in a couple very important areas... one was the belief that I had to work extremely 'hard' to build my mission-driven business.

She taught me what it looks, feels and sounds like to come from a place of ease instead of stress... positivity instead of anxiety. Throughout the day, we changed my inner dialogue in profound and life changing ways. This has been a huge relief, and is incredibly empowering!

In addition, Kendra gave me an idea that took only a few hours to execute and resulted in $6,000 in sales within 4 weeks of our VIP day which by the way - is easily repeatable.

She is a wonderful cheerleader, wholly devoted to her clients success, while always coming from a place of loving service. I now have her gentle but strong voice and spirit in my head throughout the day as I choose more ease in my life and business. I find things coming easier now, and I'm having a lot more fun!

The VIP Day investment was worth it for these reasons and SO much more."

Wendy Collier, SoulFUEL™ Business Coach

"My entire life is completely unrecognizable... almost triple my income in 12 months."

“The healing and growth I’ve done with Kendra has helped me to recognize my wisdom so that I’m now more clearly seen & valued by others for my gifts … leading to an almost triple of my income from a year ago.

Before working with Kendra, I had some traction in my business. However, I was working hard and not enjoying what I was doing. I wanted to bring more of my spiritual healing work into the brilliant business savvy work I was already doing.

What I saw in Kendra was her beautiful combination of both straight-up biz smarts mixed with deep inner healing. If she figured out how to make that combo successful, that’s who I wanted to coach me. When we first talked, my only expectation of her was to “kick my ass” and she has completely fully delivered on my request.

She has a magical way of lovingly not allowing her clients to get away with their own B.S., which is exactly what I needed.

It’s been over a year of working with her and my entire life is completely unrecognizable now — in the most exciting, fulfilling and inspiring of ways! She’s helped me listen to my inner guidance clearly which has led me to a new INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL place I live with a wonderful home, the attraction of my beloved and the ability to fully receive the abundance of that love, the launch of a new business that is more aligned with me allowing both my wisdom AND mastery to shine.

Most importantly I so clearly now can see my desires, welcome them into my life, make clear choices and ENJOY all the flow of abundance in all ways that is here right now.

One of the biggest turning points in our work together was definitely the VIP day. This was a day that I had anticipated for quite some time and waited until it felt like just the right time to have. We were on the magical island of Kauai and my VIP day was following 4 days with her and our intimate Wealthy Goddess Mastery group on retreat— which was INCREDIBLY AWESOME! I was raw, and open and in the crossroads of major personal shift. Through the course of the day we followed the threads of my inner dialogues, did some deep deep release work of those old stories, welcomed in parts of myself that had been left behind and had lots of play along the way as well. It was a truly unique personalized experience and unfolded in just the perfect way for me.

Since I’ve returned home, I have so much more trust in myself which leads to profound clarity in all my decision making— business or otherwise. I know what I want (which I was always resistant to stating before) and I attract it in. Things that once felt hard or resistant now feel like they flow easily. I’m in a completely new relationship with myself. My business colleagues have noticed, my beloved has noticed, and my friends notice. They all say: ‘Something is different. You seem so alive and present.’ Yes, more of this, please!”

Missy Singer

Leading coaches, healers and business women come to me for a reason!

In addition to help with practical nuts & bolts business development like:

  • Building your profit calendar that ensures your income goals are met
  • Packaging compelling offers that are attractive to your ideal clients
  • Creating a marketing plan that feels good to your authentic message
  • Crafting kick ass copy writing that sells
  • Accessing confidence for sales conversations (including those pesky objections)

I am also known for my shamanic, transformational skills and my ability to facilitate extraordinary experiences that change you from the inside out!

(Check out pictures from some of my clients! Hot air balloon rides in Sedona, Photo shoots in Kauai, fancy dinner on the ocean in Kauai, Zip lining in the jungle.)

I’m not going to mess around with your stories and I AM going to help you get results. I’ll help you blast through your upper limits and align who you really are with a business lifestyle you love.

I will teach you the business and personal mastery skills you need to create income growth and lead a fully expressed life.

With a Personal Retreat Intensive, you can:

  • Cut your learning curve
  • Transcend lifetime patterns
  • Create a 6 figure business model

I will tailor the experience to your needs and priorities, accelerating your results exponentially.

Client Sitting Poolside in Belize
Visioning & Planning

Here’s the deal. If you want to coach with me, you need to know…

... I take a no excuse approach and I WILL call you out.

Just fill out the application and I will have my assistant notify me.

(Please, do us both a favor and only apply if you are seriously interested.)

I look forward to being of service to you!

With all that I am,

Kendra E Thornbury, MA

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