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"Wow. All I can say is wow! Coaching with Kendra has been the best and most powerful work I have ever done. (And I've worked with lots of coaches!)"

"I first joined the Wealthy Goddess Platinum coaching program after witnessing Kendra work miracles during the three day retreat. I knew that my next step was to say yes to signing up to have Kendra as my mentor. But truthfully, it was a lot of money to pay each month! In our ‘enrolling conversation' Kendra found some of my mindset blocks and gave me a strategy for how to bring in the clients to pay for coaching with her.

Here's the crazy part….with just one email, I brought in $23,000 of business from the idea and encouragement that Kendra gave me. Three days after I said yes to working with Kendra, I got the biggest speaking ‘gig' of my career. It seemed that the Universe knew that I was now REALLY SERIOUS about playing a bigger game and so was responding to my taking action.

That was just the beginning. Kendra supported me through more launches, more marketing strategies, and all the strategic and tactical pieces necessary to run a six figure business (without struggling in the ways I used to).

But the best part in my opinion is who I have become while working with this amazingly powerful woman. I have shifted my business from one that is making good money…but running me, to one that is designed to allow me to have the lifestyle freedom and time to enjoy the things I value. I have tapped more deeply into the powerful woman and healer that I am, and the work I have done with clients has ramped up as well. As Kendra has worked with me to more fully own my value I, in turn, can take a bigger stand for my clients and I see their results improving too.

The first time around to sign up for the program was a challenge to say yes to because of the money. I had never paid a coach that much. I'm signing up for another six months and this time around it's a no-brainer! I'd pay whatever Kendra charges because the value I have received has been business a

Therese Skelly
Money Mindset Mentor & Business Coach

“I have been blessed to build a very prosperous business in 17 months, 200k + this year!”

“This is only possible with the right mentors and of course my own brilliance, tenacity and faith!

Kendra E Thornbury has been my rock this past year. She lifts me, holds me accountable and has taught me how to truly LIVE for me, believe in myself and stand in my power.

I look in the mirror and don’t even see the same woman I was a year ago. I feel so damn comfortable and confident in my own skin!! Pure joy and ease! I freakin love my life… all of it!

Cyndi Padilla

“I have learned how to stand in my power…”

“Kendra is more than just a mentor, she is someone who stands for you and holds you in those uncomfortable places. She sees who you can be and holds the space for you as you grow into it.

I have learned how to stand in my power, own what I do and that has ended up in having more clients coming to me on their own, more money, more opportunityand my business is continuing to grow.”

Paula Houlihan

"Working with Kendra has completely elevated my business to a whole new level."

"The biggest difference for me has been the mindset shift I have been able to make which I have found to be the foundation to a truly successful 6 figure business!

Kendra is masterful at seeing what is holding me back and highlighting my strengths so that I can be the coach and leader I am meant to be.

With the guidance of Kendra, I have consistently attracted new clientsinto my business. I also started my first online homestudy course called "Sweet Success: 4 Week Sugar Boot Camp", attracting women from all over the world!

I have taken on new challenges that I never thought I would be ready for but thanks to Kendra's guidance and support, I have exceeded my professional goals quicker than I had planned for!"

Elisa Haggarty

"Within a matter of less than 2 months, I had a significant new income stream."

"I was already successful in my UpBeat Drum Circles business when I went to Kendra to expand my coaching practice, create more income streams and leverage my time in order to take my service & leadership to the next level.

Who else knows so much about marketing and business, while being rooted in an authentic, empowered, spiritual self?

After coaching with her, I became clear on how to package a whole new area of my expertise and designed a new program. Not only that, her advice helped me market it - client attraction was easy!

Within a matter of less than 2 months, I had a significant new income stream.

Thank you to Kendra for the inspiration, tools, direction, and creativity that allowed me to be authentically successful doing what I LOVE!"

Christine Stevens

"$84,000 From One Course Launch, Built Dream Team, Sharing My Purpose Fully!"

"I've worked with Kendra in her Feeling Good Immersion and Profitable Purpose programs and for the last 6 months have been one of her private VIP coaching clients. Through our partnership and as a result of Kendra's exquisite expertise in providing energetic support and practical strategies, I've created phenomenal results.

My business is thriving with multiple 6 figures, I've built my dream team,I've successful launched 3 programs, the first time bringing in $17,000 and the 2nd over $54,000 and the 3rd $84,000.

I have overcome deep seated fears of feeling like I am doing something wrong when I share my gifts and am completely out of the woo woo closet, proudly sharing my purpose and authentically shining my light brightly. I am positioned as a more visible and powerful leader in my industry and now ideal clients and opportunities come to me easily and abundantly. I am having the impact I am here to have and have superstar clients that I love to work with from all over the world. My Egypt tours and programs sell out and have waiting lists.

My business income has tripled since this time last year, and I'm on track for generating my ideal money goals. I'm more at peace than I've ever been living my freedom based lifestyle (just spent a month in France!), and am living in the stream of well being. I am in alignment with my profound gifts and talents and am sharing my purpose fully."

Danielle Rama Hoffman

Registration OPEN For Limited Time for 2017!

"Purpose & Business Has Taken Off. Two 5 Figure Launches"

"Kendra has been instrumental in the upleveling of my as integral part of my success team. As my trusted and cherished advisor, she is an integral part of my success team.

With her support, my purpose business has taken off to new heights with media appearances and two 5 figure launches.

Kendra is a healer's healer, and a teacher's teacher: passionate, insightful and spiritually intelligent. She has a revolutionary approach to wealth that has changed the lives of many women entrepreneurs, including my own."

Robyn McKay, PhD

"My Business Went Over The 6-Figure Mark"

"While it has been a deep desire to live an awake, fulfilled, on purpose life, I really had no clue to what that really meant. On the surface, it might have appeared I understood that level of expansion, but really, I had no clue what so ever. This entrepreneurial journey has been the most soul baring journey of my life.  (And I am a mom. That 'job' of mom is most definitely the most selfless journey I am on and continues to take me to depths of what I can feel for another person.)

But this is about my entrepreneurial journey and my work with Kendra in her Wealthy Goddess program. When I came aware of Kendra, I knew I had to take a bigger risk and invest in myself in a much deeper way. Private coaching with this woman who was doing it differently was my breakthrough to the next level of success.

This is what I knew I needed to get unstuck and to work at the level that I desired in order to be able to be the transformational coach I knew I was.

So let me say that Kendra was the ‘quiet storm’ in my upleveling and stepping into who I came here to be. She challenged me to go deeper in a way that was absolutely necessary for my transformation and to understanding wealth consciousness ... and receiving it to live an awake, fulfilled and on purpose life.

Because I refused to give up when nothing seems to be working and yet it was working behind the scene with unseen forces bringing it all to me. My only job was to finally go for it and ask for it… which I did and in under 4 weeks I received $85k and my business went over the $6-figure mark. To say if working with Kendra was the best decisions I have ever made is a … YES YES!

I now work with women from all over the world and it is simply because of the woman I have become. I will be forever grateful for what Kendra has modeled for me in what is truly possible!"

Dorris Burch

"Income Grew 7 Times In 30 Days!"

"My VIP day with Kendra in Kauai was exceptional and exceeded my expectations in every way!

I knew without a doubt that from there I needed to coach with Kendra.

Within the first 30 days of our time together, I attracted my first high end client, growing my income 7 times what it was. And it was easy!

I can't say enough about how grateful I am.

In 20 years of psychotherapy I did not have the breakthrough's as I have with Kendra.  In just 4 coaching sessions, I've cracked things open.

Rooted in the Divine Feminine, she listens in such a clear way, asking insightful questions that have had a profound effect on my life and business.

She's catalyzed my actions and results.

This is the best money I've ever spent."

Pepper Wolfe

"3 Perfect Clients In 30 days & Completely Sold Out Event In Hours!"

"Walking up a steep cliff - that's what building my business felt like. Everything on paper looked good and it was still a struggle so I knew in my heart that the only reason it was painful was because of me. Not that I wasn't good enough but that there were pieces in my mind and heart blocking my success.

And then Kendra entered my life and kicked my mindset into the right gearI've had plenty of coaches and taken all of the courses but Kendra just does things differently, really helping me understand the spiritual and feminine side of my business with a no-excuses attitude.

Within the first 30 days of working with her, I had attracted 3 perfect clients with ease and grace and completely sold out of an upcoming event within hours (without ever officially launching it!). Putting my hiking shoes back into the closet... Gratitude overflowing Kendra!"

Stacy Nelson

"My entire life is completely unrecognizable... almost triple my income in 12 months."

“The healing and growth I’ve done with Kendra has helped me to recognize my wisdom so that I’m now more clearly seen & valued by others for my gifts … leading to an almost triple of my income from a year ago.

Before working with Kendra, I had some traction in my business. However, I was working hard and not enjoying what I was doing. I wanted to bring more of my spiritual healing work into the brilliant business savvy work I was already doing.

What I saw in Kendra was her beautiful combination of both straight-up biz smarts mixed with deep inner healing. If she figured out how to make that combo successful, that’s who I wanted to coach me. When we first talked, my only expectation of her was to “kick my ass” and she has completely fully delivered on my request.

She has a magical way of lovingly not allowing her clients to get away with their own B.S., which is exactly what I needed.

It’s been over a year of working with her and my entire life is completely unrecognizable now — in the most exciting, fulfilling and inspiring of ways! She’s helped me listen to my inner guidance clearly which has led me to a new INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL place I live with a wonderful home, the attraction of my beloved and the ability to fully receive the abundance of that love, the launch of a new business that is more aligned with me allowing both my wisdom AND mastery to shine.

Most importantly I so clearly now can see my desires, welcome them into my life, make clear choices and ENJOY all the flow of abundance in all ways that is here right now.

One of the biggest turning points in our work together was definitely the VIP day. This was a day that I had anticipated for quite some time and waited until it felt like just the right time to have. We were on the magical island of Kauai and my VIP day was following 4 days with her and our intimate Wealthy Goddess Mastery group on retreat— which was INCREDIBLY AWESOME! I was raw, and open and in the crossroads of major personal shift. Through the course of the day we followed the threads of my inner dialogues, did some deep deep release work of those old stories, welcomed in parts of myself that had been left behind and had lots of play along the way as well. It was a truly unique personalized experience and unfolded in just the perfect way for me.

Since I’ve returned home, I have so much more trust in myself which leads to profound clarity in all my decision making— business or otherwise. I know what I want (which I was always resistant to stating before) and I attract it in. Things that once felt hard or resistant now feel like they flow easily. I’m in a completely new relationship with myself. My business colleagues have noticed, my beloved has noticed, and my friends notice. They all say: ‘Something is different. You seem so alive and present.’ Yes, more of this, please!”

Missy Singer

“Breakthrough after breakthrough in my wealth consciousness.”

“Since Wealthy Goddess Live I have experienced breakthrough after breakthrough around my wealth consciousness and how I run my business.

With Kendra’s support and that of the community she has created, I have changed my business model, am attracting higher end clients, confidently expanded my niche and am having heaps of fun in the process!

It’s hard to put into words the powerful environment that Kendra creates with her gatherings!

They are off the hook Divine Feminine Power explosions of transformation and exultant joy at what’s possible when we bring forth our sacred work and clear our field of that would limit us.

That’s my coach. Sweet sweet resonance and joy to have finally found her!”

Stephanie Dawn

“Kendra has been one of my most powerful mentors and guides.”

“She is masterfully skilled. She has opened me up to wealth consciousness I didn’t know I was possible. She taught me to receive abundance on a whole new level.

Since working with Kendra I have facilitated retreats and workshops all over the world, been flown out and paid thousands to work with VIP clients and created many levels at which to be of service.

Through Wealthy Goddess I have connected to an abundant network of empowered sisters of which I have collaborated with and gained unending strength from. I have traveled and experienced the full spectrum of luxury and in those experiences she has challenged me to embody the boldness and ease of the feminine way.

I owe a MILLION thank you’s to Kendra!”

Rachel Alcyone

"Few people in our lives have inspired us to go BIG quite the way Kendra has."

“This woman refuses to tolerate old stories or limitations. So if you’re ready to kick your own sweet behind and break into a new level of business, financial and spiritual success, you’ll want to work with her.

Having mentored with some of the top coaches in the industry, we can say that she’s one of the best.

When we started coaching with Kendra, we were successful in our business in many ways. We were already well past 6-figures, worked with ideal clients and were sought-after leaders. Then we wanted to take it to the next level and we could see Kendra had attained a rare freedom.

WOW. We ended up doing a deep dive. Honestly, we did some dismantling that we had not anticipated. She helped us with the healing and liberation we needed to build the kind of business and lives our souls longed for.

Now we’re happier than ever, pursuing our passions with even greater boldness, offering services that are more aligned with our true purpose, and experiencing more freedom in our business.

We’ve also had great successes to celebrate as a result of our intensive VIP days and private coaching. Including a 6-figure event ($100K + in one weekend!) where we got to feel the bliss of doing what we love coaching healers.

Thank you, Kendra. We love you!”

Sharon Desjarlais and Michele McGrew
Co-Creators of the Client-Rich System for Women in the Healing Arts

Registration OPEN For Limited Time for 2017!